Asset Items & Products


1) Add Asset Items: Addition of an Asset items can be done in an organized manner from the system.

Asset--> Add Asset Item

The following requirement that needs to be filled up are

Name: Name of the Item

Asset Category: Under which asset category will the item fall

Type: What type will it go on whether the asset is an inventory product, Assembly or Group

Feature includes the what are the measurements or details of the item as shown above in the screenshot


2) Asset Item list: After adding a new item it will take you straight to the item list. or you can go from the inventory menu to check out the item list. Item list shows all the asset items and other inventory items that has been created in the application.

In order to see the asset items from the item list page, you need to search it through the search filter on the top left side of item list by selecting type as asset and providing the name of the asset item.

List will show all the detail information about the asset item in the right side. Also modification and edit is possible by clicking on the edit icon on the top right corner.


3) Add Asset Product: Asset products can be added under the item in order to identify all the asset products.

Asset > Add Asset Product

Item: Choosing the Asset Item at first under which product is getting added

Name: Name of the product

Code: Code if required to provide for the product to track

Barcode: Barcode of the product if there is any

Step Size: Quanitity size measurement of the product whether as whole number or decimal

Unit of Measurement: Measurement unit of that product, where the product is measured as kg,litre,unit,per piece etc.

Manufacturer: Manufacturer name of the product

Preferred Vendor (optional): Preferred vendor from whom taking or purchasing the product

Prefix: If there is any prefix value required (optional)

Start Value: Starting value of the product


4) Add Existing Asset / Opening Asset: If you already have an existing asset in your company or before, you can add that very easily from the application.

Asset > Add opening Asset


The windows shows the following requirement fields:

Delivery Date: date of asset delivery

Receive Date: Date of receiving

Asset Items, Category, Item name, name of the product, Quantity, Unit, Unit cost as per your asset, filling up the requirements.