PrismERP asset management solution is designed in user’s point of view. We consider the usefulness of the fixed assets module for all level of companies ranging from large, medium and small. For every company maintaining Asset is a very crucial to every companies.


1) Add Asset Account:

Asset--> New Asset Account

From the PrismERP you can maintain all the assets of your company or an organization. In order to do that first you need to create an asset account from which all of the assets maintenance costing will be controlled.


From the above screenshot, requirements fields that needs to be filled up in order to create a new asset account.

Account Name: Name of the asset account

Account type: Type of Asset account whether its a fixed asset or current asset etc.

Sub Account: If the asset account you are creating whether you want to put it under any other account (Optional)

Note: If you want to provide any brief note about the account for tracking or understanding (Optional)

Description: Description field if required to provide (Optional)

Account Code: International Accounting standard code

Opening date: Date of opening the account

Opening Balance: Opening Balance if you want to provide for the account or if it has any opening balance amount or not

Branch: If your company has multiple branches then you can provide or create for the following branches asset account or not by choosing the branch


2) Asset Account List:

Asset--> Asset Account List

Asset account list shows all the asset accounts that are created in the application along with the ledger book of that asset account.

From the above picture, On the left side it provides all the list of asset accounts and on the right shows the specific asset account's ledger book. If you select any asset account from the list, on the right side it will show the ledger book from a specific time interval as provided in the search filter on top of the window. It will show all the records and transactions in the ledger book of a specific asset account.