Buying New Asset:

Asset > New Asset Purchase Order

For purchasing new asset the following interface will appear and the requirements need to filled up for further proceed

Party: Party from whom the asset will be purchased

Name: Name of the company of the party

Address, Contact, Email

Order Date: Date of order of that purchase

Delivery Date: Date of Delivering the product that has been purchased

FOB Date: Optional if required any

Category: Under what category it has been purchased whether it will go into inventory, Assembly or Group

Barcode: with the help of a barcode specific product can be searched and then click on the add product button to fill up the requirement field of product which is going to be purchased

OR Directly filling up the requirement field manually for the asset that you want to purchase which will show the name of the product, quantity, Unit cost and total cost that will be calculated automatically

Account information: it relates to the account where the payment will be done that is accounts payable