1) Depreciation Voucher for Assets:

Asset--> New Depreciation Voucher


In order to create a depreciation voucher, this is very much possible from the application in order to provide the voucher for specific Assets depreciation

1) First field includes frequency of depreciation whether monthly, quarterly, half yearly or yearly (i.e. how the voucher will show the calculation of depreciation for specific assets)

2) Upto: Upto refers to the last date till the depreciation value is calculated

3) Entry Date: Date of Entry of the voucher

4) Asset information field
   (i) Code
: code of the item

   (ii) Asset: Name of the Assets that are going be created for depreciation voucher

   (iii) Opening Balance: Opening balance of those asset will be automatically provided after assigning the name

   (iv) Total: Shows the total value

   (v) Depreciation Amount: Automatically it will show the depreciatio amount depending on the percentage that was provided while creating asset category

   (vi) Closing Balance: Amount of closing balance


Note that the voucher for depreciation is basically provided to report to the company for keeping the depreciation value track for individual assets