Cloud Backup




In our system Cloud Backup refers to a backup system in google drive. There are two types of backup files procedure in google drive. One is a particular local folder (where server run) files and another is uploading file from any folder. If local system corrupts at any time, the backup files will be saved in drive. Overall it works as a secure backup system.


User Guide :( Note: This Option is access for super admin only)


In Order to Run the Cloud Backup system in the Prism ERP, First open the Prism ERP software and then go to  Settings--> Configuration.After accessing the configuration, from the left side of the corner select the “Cloud Backup” after that there will be the setting configuration option shown in the screen. The screen shot is given below:

As you can see from the settings of the Cloud back up configuration there are four options which you need to fill up.

A) Local Folder Path: It is the path or the source where the prism is running in the system, that system folder path is the Local Folder path.

Example: C:\Users\Divine-IT\Downloads

B) Google Drive Folder ID: It is the drive folder where the backup files are collected. For that you need to get access to the Google account and then go to the Google Drive option. Next to create a folder where the files will be back up from the system. Then collect the ID code from the web address. Screenshots are given below for this process.




C) Drive File Remove Days Before: This option is the time interval set up for the backup files i.e. when the number is put into the box of that option. It is the number which will be subtracted from the current date and from that date before all previous files will be deleted and not counted. [For example number set up is 2 which means today’s date is 18th April [so it will deduct (18-2=16)] that means all files before 16th October will be deleted from the prism local folder path and from 16th Onwards after till current date i.e. 18th October all files saved or backup in the Google drive will be transferred to Prism ERP.]


After completing the configuration option, click on the save button to finish the cloud backup configuration settings.



This step describes about the “Backup & Restore process. For this, need to go Settings --> Backup & Restore.



Next Step is the authentication process for the first time user of backup file system of prism. Click the cloud icon and go to the authentication process.