Center defines the unit of business of an enterprise. From the PrismERP application there are various categories of center that can be managed and processed. The center module is offered to the application so that you can get a general report and analysis related to all the categories of center in your business. The categories that are generally maintained from the applications are

1) Cost Center   2) Investment Center   3) Profit Center.

More of the categories can be managed depending on the demand and requirement of customer or client


1) Add a Center:

Accounting--> Center--> Center Add

While performing the creation of a new center maintenance there are some fields which needs to be filled up for further actions

Type: Choosing the type for managing the center

The " Type" for managing the center can be created from the application as well. In order to perform the creation of type go to Settings--> Center Type--> Center Add


In that following choose name for the type of center add, provide a code for tracking, description field ( if required)


2) Center List Page:


Shows the list of all the centers that were created in the application from the list page view

From the list page you can see all the lists of center with the cost type(center type) and short code for tracking a specific center . on the right side shows the analysis and detailed information of a specific center. You can also assign accounts under a particular center so that it will show the impact on those particular account while making voucher and you can get the analysis