Investment Center:


General Definition: An investment center is a business unit within an entity that has responsibility for its own revenue, expenses, and assets,equity and whose financial results are based on all three factors.

In the PrismERP application center module you can set out or create a particular center under investment center as category to analyze and track a particular investment which can be assigned to the revenue expenses and assets account in the application.


Basically the Center is for the reporting, analysis and tracking in the PrismERP application for the investment of your business


1) Adding a new center on the category of Investment:


Similar process of adding a new center as shown before in the other two categories, after the window appears you just need to select the type( Which you can create in similar process shown before Settings-->Account--> Center type--> Center Type Add) and then choose the category as investment center labelled as green box in the above screenshot.


After filling up the fields, click on save to complete creating a center under investment category


2) Assigning Account on that particular investment center for putting the impact of analysis and report:

Same procedure like the cost center, from the center list select the investment category center and then on the right side showing the detail information at the top corner click on the assign account button and then a window will appear as shown below:



Select the particular accounts from the application which you want to assign that will put impact on the center for showing reports, analytics and ledger



3) Tagging manually on particular vouchers from the ledger to put impact on that investment center:

First go to the general ledger from the accounts module similar like other center process. then select the basic type of accounts which you want to search and then choose the specific voucher from that basic type where you want to tag the investment center. It is the similar process like cost center and profit center just make sure you put the tag on those specific voucher that relates with the investment center. The screenshot is shown below of tagging



Suppose i created a center now where i want to see the impact of a particular assets so i want to tag a PO related to asset as basic type. so in the general ledger first selecting basic type as asset and then searching will show the list of all the vouchers in the general ledger and then i want to tag the investment on that particular PO-xxx marked as black box. So then by clicking that PO-xxx will appear a window as shown below:



Similarly choose the category and tag the investment center name from the add tag field and then click on add option. After clicking on the add option then the following information on the ledger tags field will automatically generate with the amount as shown above. Click on save to finish tagging