Campaign Management

An event or program or seminar organized by the company for the marketing and customer interaction on the company’s product and service.

Things you can do with the campaign management are given below:

1)  Adding a New Campaign:

From the above " Add Campaign" screenshot there are some key function listed below:

a) Name:  Name of the campaign

b) Budget: Estimated Expense amount for the campaign

c) Expected Revenue: Expected income from the campaign

d) Expected Opportunity: Expected Customer relation build up.

e) Frequency: Time period type of the campaign

f) Status: Current condition of campaign whether the campaign is active or planning

g) Start date: Date of starting

h) End date: Date of Ending

i) Branch: Assigned under which branch

j) Campaign Type: Type of Campaign

k) Campaign places: Place where the campaigns will take place

l) Objectives: Goals set out for campaign

m) Terms & Condition: Rules and Regulation and policies of the company

n) Campaign list: User can go list page of campaign from the “add campaign” option

2) Campaign List Page View:

Campaign List Page View provides the following search or filtering option

a)  Add campaign icon: Can add campaign from the list

b) Report: Can report the page of the campaign list

c) Name of Campaigns: Name assigned in the list of campaign and can enter that page

d) Branch wise campaign: Searching the campaign under different branches

e) Date Range (From/To): Can search through Range of Campaign starting and ending

f) Status: Can search campaign by the status condition

g) Campaign Type: Can search specific campaigns with their type

h) Set the Status of campaign: User can able to set different status of campaign

3) Campaign Reporting Page View:

From the Report Page view, the user is able to

a) Preview the whole campaign list sheet

b) Able to print specific campaign or list of campaign list by filling up the filter option

c) Email: Able to mail the campaign list report to anyone

d) Can be download in specified file format; PDF, DOC, HTML, XLS

e) Can put “Report Outline”

f) Can have a report header of the company

h) Can set up the page size of the report

4) View Page of Specific Campaign


From the above two specific campaign page view we can see various options provided.

a) Basic Information: General Details about the campaign

b) Organization: Can view the organization related to the campaign

c) Opportunities: Can view the opportunities related to the campaign

d) Activities: Can see the Activities related to the campaign

e) Quotes: Can see the financial quotes related to the campaign

f) “Add”: can add new campaign, organization, opportunities, activities and quotes

g) Campaign List: Can go back to the campaign list

h) Edit icon: Can edit Campaign information

i) Edit Status: Can change or edit the status of the campaign

j) Edit Campaign place: Can add, change or edit the place of campaigns

h) Edit Campaign Type: Can edit the type of campaign

i) Edit Campaign Objective: Can change or edit the objectives

j) Description: Can give a short writing or brief about the campaign