Manage Opportunity

From any campaign or any organization some of the viewers that shows interest on any product or service of the customer and want to know more details about the product or service from the sales or company, this is known as opportunity.

1) Add Opportunity:


From the above picture we can see

a) Party Type: Type of Organization

b) Party: Name of the Organization

c) Contact Person: Specific person to contact from the organization

d) Contact Date: Date on which company contacts the organization

e) Campaign Date: Date of Campaign Started

f) Opportunity Source: Source is the medium by which the organization or customer gets in contact with the company

g) Opportunity Owner: The person or employer who is managing the campaign and organization got interest from there.

h) Opportunity Follower: The person or employer from the company who is handling the organization

i) Status: Status from the company

j) Branch: Branch on which the viewer showed interest

k) Opportunity Type: On what type of thing did the viewer have interest in the company’s campaign whether it’s a product, service etc.

l) Opportunity List: Can view the opportunity list

m) Junk Opportunity List: Can see the inactive junk or closed opportunity list.


2) Opportunity List Page View:


The Opportunity list page view provides the following search and filtering option:

a) Junk Opportunity List: Can go to the Junk list page

b) Report: Can go to the report page

c) Party Type: Can search through specific organization type

d) Party: Can search through the name of organization

e) Opportunity Code: Can search through the code which is generated when an opportunity was created

f) Owner: Can search through the owner’s name of the organization

g) Campaign: Can search opportunities through specific campaign name

h) Source: Can search through the source

i) Product: Can search through specific product where opportunity was created

j) Status: Can see the status of the opportunities.


4) Junk Opportunity List Page View: The junk list page view has the same search option as opportunity list page view as well as from the junk list page, company can go back to opportunity list page and can add opportunity.