Quote Management

PrismERP’s CRM also makes provision to send financial proposal to potential client with service level agreement by the Quote Management.

1) Add/New Quotes:


From the above screenshot we can see various options for the add quotes.

a) Party Type:  Type of Customer or organization

b) Party: Name of the Organization.

c) Date: Date of creating the quote

d) Assign To: Employer under whom the customer is assigned

e) Name: Name of the Person who is making the sale order

f) S/D (Month): Time required to deliver the product

g) Contact Person: contacting the person who is making the sale order

h) Valid till: Valid of the quote

i) Potential: Under which potential did the financial quote raised

j) Status: Current condition with the customer about the product

k) Amount after S/D %: percentage amount given to the company after delivering the product.

l) Implementation Time: Time required to implement the service or product

k) Products: Sale order of the products.

l) Terms & Conditions: Rules and Regulation policy of buying products or making sale order

k) Reject Quote list: Can go to the quotes reject list page view.

l)  Quote List: Can go to the quote list page view.


2) Quote List Page:

The list page view of Quote provides the following option and filters.

a) Add icon: Can add organization, potential, campaign, quote from the list page.

b) Reject Quote list: Can go to the reject quote list page

c) Party Type: Can search the quote that has been generated under the type of organizations.

d) Party: Can search the quotes that has been generated under an organization name

e) Assign To: Can search all the quotes generated under a particular assigned Employee.

f) Owner: Can even search a particular code a under an owner’s name

g) Status: Can search a particular quote by their status

h) Date Range: Can search by putting the date of a particular created quote before.

i) Quote Number: The specific number that has been generated for quote and can enter the specific quote by clicking that number from the list page

j) Re-Quote: User can again re-quote or make new quote under an existing quote number


3) Page View of a Specific Quote That Has Been Generated: