How to Buy ERP

There are certain factors and measurements which you need to look out for before buying or going for an ERP software.

1) Type of Business: What type of business your company do and whether the business is any industry specific that can be managed through the ERP system or not. Basically Type of Business and it's problem discussion do play a critical role in ERP whether your business can be adaptive to the ERP software or not.

2) List of Requirements: Make a list of all the business procedure and features, type of departments and their necessary features which you go through in your company and then consult with an ERP specialized person whether the requirements can be utilized in the ERP software or not.

3) Type of Vendors: Vendors do play a greater role in business. Make a list of all type of vendors and the process of transactions, what are the problems you face while managing manually and then consult to an ERP expert for coming up with a solution in the ERP software whether it is manageable by you or not.

4) Availability of the choices: Before Buying an ERP software make sure you look at all the specification and the features that are being offered. There are numerous ERP software in the market, you must collect proper review or information of individual ERP softwares. After collecting information try to compare and go for a final decision of the correct ERP software.

5) Ability of Software: Intelligence in the ERP software plays an important role. Not all the ERP softwares in the market have the same intelligence, so analyze all the listed ERP softwares and check out the ability whether it will be able to achieve all your targets and goals. Because if the software does not help you increasing the productivity of business then it will not be feasible to go on with it.Support is also an important issue from the ERP software for the growth of your business.

6) User Friendly: Your company's employee software usage and adaptation needs to be very much user friendly with easy interface so that they can function all the business procedure easily and faster. Since most of the employee can be expected as laymen to manage the application, so user interface is an important aspect of the application which can benefits the employee to achieve the maximum output easily. Because you cannot expect to train them for a year to run the application, so easy operating interface and customized system usage are the key important figure for a company to manage business.

7) Free Trials: Look for the free demo and trials of the ERP software in the website so that you can get to learn the basic functions of the application and analyze by yourself. This will help you to see different ERP softwares and select the best one that will suite you to work and manage business transactions. This analysis of different ERP softwares demo will also help you to know if the system is user friendly, has proper accounting maintenance, necessary features which will cover your business or not, better reporting standards, customization of features etc.

8) Budget: Finally, budget is the critical aspect to look at while buying an ERP software. After meeting the basic requirements, the pricing factor should come next on the check-list. Generally, feasible ERP softwares are available in the market as packaged products. But you need to decide based on the solution and feature requirements you have to maintain your business operations. Contacting the sales department at this point could be useful to decide on the packages based on your required features at a reasonable price range.

On Prism ERP’s official website, there is a pricing calculator which estimates the price of your modules you choose to have in your ERP software to operate your business. Initially it is suggested to pick out the major modules which are the must-haves for your business. After that you might add additional features to compliment your basic requirements. Calculating the expenditure for ERP software is always recommended so that you can check out all the segregated pricing details while purchasing an ERP which makes you informed about the amount you are paying for each module.