Bank Reconciliation

It is the process of matching the system's accounting records of cash account to the corresponding information on a bank statement. In short matching all the records of the system with the bank statement and if there is any record missing or adjustment required, it can be done easily.

In order to check the reconciliation go to:

Accounts > Bank Reconciliation

After going to the Bank reconciliation  page will appear as shown in the above screenshot. First you need to select the range of date and choosing the account name for searching. After clicking the search button it will all the list of voucher along with date which was done. These all voucher needs to reconcile. For reconciling those balances you can see the red mark on the balance date in the above, Select the date of reconciling there so that the application will automatically adjust the amount on that balance date.

Checking the reconciling entry in a reporting format: From the above screenshot you can see the reporting button on the top right corner in blue colour. Click on that to go straight to the reporting section of reconciliation. Or you can go from the Print--> Accounting--> Bank Reconciliation

Selecting the range of date for viewing the report of all the bank reconciliation and then click on the preview or print to show the report.

Reporting will show all the reconciliation entries along with debit amount and total balance.

In the above screenshot you can see the reconcile entry which was done at the beginning in showing the end of that specific voucher.