Multi-Currency Function

If anyone who wants to do all the financial transactions, sale or purchase orders, The transactions and balances of all the accounts can be done and visible with different currencies depending on your demand for business.

1) Setting out multi-currency while creating new account:

After getting the multi-currency feature for your application, When you are going to create a new account as per the procedure then on the currency field you will see besides the default local currency which is BDT you will get more options of difference currency or the currency you required for the company business.

From the new account window you can see marked as green labelled section, where you can select the currency which you want the account transaction and balance to be shown

2) Setting out multi-currency while creating and viewing party page:

From creating any parties you can see in the opening balance section you will have the provision of various currencies label as green in the above screenshot shown.

And then after generating a new party, In the view page of party you can see the balance amount in the currency which you have chosen. The screenshot is given below for better understanding:

As you can see for a specific party (Vendor or Customer, if it is assigned with multi-currency feature and chosen a specific currency you can check out the balance and will be viewed in that specific currency as well as with the default currency (BDT) . Also you can check out the debit credit entries in that desired currency which you have chosen.

3) Creating a Sale/ Purchase Order with multi currency feature: Similar process of going to the Purchase/ Sale order creation and then a window appear where you can set out the desired currency of your transaction: