Reporting Section of Financial Accounting

Prism ERP can provide enormous reports related to financial accounting solution that includes in depth information and accurate data. The reporting formats can be customized and provided on the requirement of Clients.

The following reports are provided so far from the financial accounting solution of PrismERP:

1) Financial Statement-  a) Trial Balance   b) Detail Trial Balance  c) Balance Sheet  d) Income Statement  e) Changes In Equity  f) Direct Cash Flow  g) Indirect Cash Flow  e) Ratio Analysis

2) Balance Sheet Comparison

3) Daily Closing Summary

4) Receipt & Payment Details

5) Receipt & Payment Extended

6) Ledger Books

7) Chart of Accounts

8) Journal Reporting

9) All Types of Transaction report

10) Leger Summary

11) Cash & Cash Equivalents

12) Ledger Summary of Cash & Bank

13) Bank Reconciliation

14) General Ledger

15) Account Wise Ledger

16) Party Ledger

17) Collection Ledger

18) Collection Report

19) Daily Expenditure Details

20) Daily Expenditure Summary

21) Monthly Expenditure Summary

22) Receivable Aging Report

23) Payable Aging Report