Fleet Operations


1) Driver:

a) Registering a Driver for Fleet Operation:

Fleet--> Fleet Operation--> Driver--> Add Driver

Defines registering a specific driver to a fleet group and the fleet for operation. you can also assign the duty purpose and the date of registering, also you can specify the location of using the fleet of driver (i.e. his duty location from and to)


b) Registered Driver List for Operation :


Shows all the list of Registered driver for fleet operation in order to track. Search filter option also makes your tracking more easier by searching on particular specific fleet group, from to location search as well as with fleet number. This makes searching easier to see the registered drivers



2) Registering Accident Vehicle:

From the application accident vehicles can be registered. window includes information about the accidental vehicle and it's place as well as name of the driver, department, accident place,location from, location to, date of entry, date of accident etc. The screenshot is given below:


3) Accident List:

Shows the list of all the registered accidental fleet list


4) Consume Fuel maintenance:

Fleet--> Fleet Operations--> Consume Fuel

This feature helps to maintain or give record entries regarding the fuel consumption of certain fleet groups or fleet while performing operation so that you can keep track of maintaining the fuel consumption. The below screenshots shows the window where you need to select the fleet group, fleet,

Refill Unit: the tank capactiy required of fuel.

Cost/Unit: represents the fuel cost per unit

Fuel type: represents what type of fuel whether petrol,octane, diesel or CNG


Fuel Consume Log: Represents fule consume List (i.e. Entry list of all Consume Fuels):


5) Add Parts/Tires Requisition:

Fleet--> Fleet Operations--> Add Parts/Tires Requisition

Provision of generating requisition from the application regarding addition or changes in the parts tires .Window includes:

Fleet: Number of the Fleet

Level: Determines the stages whether immediate or gradual

Driver: Name of the driver who was driving that specific number fleet

Expected Date of Requisition

Requisition Type: Type for which requisition is applying whether its tire or Parts

Branch: Assigned from which branch

Entry Date:  Date of requisition entry

Parts information relates to include the parts code, description and the amount quantity required

6) Use Parts/Tire:

Fleet--> Fleet Operations--> Use Parts/Tire

After requisition of parts and tire user can use the parts/tire and keep record of that. the screenshot is given below:

Request No:

Fleet: Name or Number of the Fleet

Driver: Name of the assigned driver of that fleet

Use Date: Date of parts or tire usage

Service Charge: Charge for service

Request Date: Date of requesting for using the part

Advance: Advance Payment of service

Entry Date: Date of entry for applying to use in the application

Parts details information gives the information about using parts or tire that includes parts code, Parts description, required quantity, received quantity, Unit cost, Total cost


7) Operational Notifications:

Shows all the notifications related to all types of operational activities such as registration expire notifications, renewal date etc. Search filter is also provided to search operational notifications from and to of locations


8) Fleet Expenses:

Shows all the expenses summary of all the fleets operation ( all the activities status and summary analysis are shown in the fleet expenses feature)