Fleet Registration


1) Register a Fleet:

For registering a new vehicle for fleet go to Fleet--> Fleet Registration--> Register a Fleet

This function below shows all the screenshot of the procedure


The above picture of the application explains all the information that are required to fill up in order to register a fleet. Functions are described below:

a) Fleet type: Assigning the type of fleet whether asset, rental or leased

b) Select Group: That defines all the fleets to be grouping if you want. you can add new groups ( beside there is a green + icon button click for making new fleet groups)

c) Select fleet: Name of the fleet under a group (you can add that from the beside green + button)

d) Also providing the registration expire date and all the information related to vehicle (i.e. vehicle type,type of odometer,sitting capacity, chassis no., engine capacity, issue date, vehicle condition, engine type, transmission, make, year, model, manufacturer, date of registration etc. and many more)

e) Additional option includes  Lease Agreement information, Security Money payment information, Fleet insurance & License info. (Note that these are optional and provided if you want to fill up more additional detailed information)


2) Register Fleet List Page View:

Fleet--> Fleet Registration--> Register Fleet List

List page view shows all the fleets registration that are being registered with their detailed information. You can add or register a new fleet by clicking on the "+" icon on the top right corner of the screenshot given below. you can also see full information with different tabs are provided in the list page which shows all the requirements and overall idea of a registered fleet vehicles. ( details, drivers log, accidents, fuel log , rent log, income logs, parts, duty log, service schedule etc.) You can also edit or modify the existing fleet information from the edit button.



3) Fleet Details List:

Fleet--> Fleet Registration--> Fleet Details List

Shows the overall fleet details list with a search filter for making the searching better for a specific fleet.

List shows all the fleet with category type as well as Fleet name, and overall vehicle information so that finding out specific fleet as well as tracking from the application becomes easier