Fleet Services


1) Add Fleet Services:

Type of Service you want for using the Fleet

Feature includes the Service Name & Repeat every (months) i.e. after how many months will the service be automatically repeated.

2) Fleet Service List:

Shows all the list of Fleet service in a list page view . from the list page you can track all the service as well as check the status & take action of editing or changing the status whether active or deactive the service.


3) Add Service Schedule:

Service Schedule defines the schedule which the service will be added as an assignment to a particular fleet. This can be manage very easily from the application. The interface is shown below

From the window you need to fill up some information in order to add new service schedule to a specific fleet.

Select Fleet: Selecting the fleet providing the fleet number

Select Service: Type of service you want to add into the fleet's schedule

Entry Date: Date of Entry Assigned

Due Date: Date of Due for service Schedule


4) Service Schedule List:

Fleet service schedule shows all the added service schedule for a fleet in the list page view. From the list page you can also search out using the search filter by specific fleet number , name of service, from and to date. The screenshot is given below:

From the list we can also see user can track out all the fleet number with their service name and date of entry as well as checking out the status of schedule service whether on service, pending or completed. User can also take action, changes,edit or modify the service status from the list of specific fleet


5) On Service Fleet List:

Shows all the services of the fleet that are on going. it can also be visible from the on service fleet list. you can also take action or make edit as well as can search specific service or fleet from the search filter.