1) Add Fleet Request:

Fleet--> Fleet Scheduling--> Add Fleet Request

Request explains the fleet usability and offering a request for a particular fleet where you need to provide all the necessary information for applying a fleet request. This includes the request type ( for rental or company), selecting employee which employee is going and using the fleet, selecting the department of that employee, request date,  selecting fleet group.

Note: This is basically used for applying to the head or to the person for approval of using the fleet vehicle. Screenshot of that window is given below:


2) Fleet Request List:

Fleet--> Fleet Scheduling--> Fleet Request List

Request list shows all the request number with their proper information so that you can track. From the list you can take specific action related to any request number whether to approve or  not. you can check out the status of specific fleet request list. you can also take action of editing as well as cancelling. Everything is showed in details in the list page view



3) Add a Schedule:

Fleet--> Fleet Scheduling--> Add a Schedule


a)Addition of schedule refers to make a schedule appointment or adding a fleet schedule from the system. function includes filling up some information in order to proceed.

b) Selecting the requisition : Assigning the Fleet number

c) Selecting Fleet group: Selecting the assigned fleet group

d) Select Fleet: Registration number of the fleet

e) Tag a Shipment: Shipment sale order under which the schedule addition is requesting

f) Location From: Starting point of the fleet

g) Location to: Destination point of going

h) Select Driver: Assigning a Driver

i) Duty Purpose: Selecting the category of Duty of driver whether is it rental or anything else

j) Schedule start & end date, time can be assigned also

Note that there is also an additional option of backup fleet you can add that too in case if this fleet faces any problem or is not working or damaged. So in order to provide a backup fleet this option field has been provided and you can assign from the application too.

k) Register Income: It gives the brief details about the name of the customer, balance, agreement date & number, Mobile no., agreement ending date etc.

l) Package details give the chart of the contents under a package i.e. how much fleet, driver and fuel required for the service, also includes package price,agreement days etc and many more.


4) Fleet Schedule List:

Fleet--> Fleet Scheduling--> Add a Schedule

Scheduled Fleet list shows all the scheduled list of fleets with their valid information. You can change fleet of particular schedule as well as modification edit information as well as assign driver if not mentioned before in the scheduled list all of these can be easily done from the list page view. This will help to keep proper tracking of all the scheduled list that are being provided in the list page view.



5) Schedule Calendar:


Shows all the activities of fleet schedule in a calendar format. All the schedule under specific date will be displayed in the box of the calendar as shown in the above screenshot


6) Unscheduled Fleet List:

Shows all the list of fleets that are not yet scheduled


7) Creating or Adding New Package for Fleet Schedule:

Fleet--> Fleet Scheduling--> Create Package

Fleet package creation includes:

Package name: Name of the Package

Fleet Group: To which fleet group will the package be applied

Package Type: Type includes whether the package calculation will be in km/Mileage or just normal as a body type of the fleet

Active From & Expiry date

Fleet information represent the Km/Mileage & its amount

Terms & Condition only if you want to apply any