How to Create a New User in PrismERP?


In order to create a user in the application go to Settings--> User--> New User

A following page will appear as given below:

Username: Name of the new user

email: email address

mobile: number of contact

password & confirming password

Branch: Number of branch which he can see and manage from the application

Type: type of user whether admin or general

Assign Role: Assigning the specific role to the new user by ticking out the specific role which you want to assign the new user for managing and controlling

Login Duration : Start time and End time ensures the time of getting log in to the user. if you assign from 00:00 to 23.59 that means all time he can assign in the software,but you can also give specific time for him to get log in


After doing of all of those and click on save to complete the process and a new user will be created



Checking the List of User:


Settings-->User-->List of User




From the list of user you can check out all the users with their status. from the list you can also activate or deactivate the user , you can also enable or disable OTP status (One Time Password) , From the list you can also reset password, edit user or delete the user as well.