Personal Information Management (Employee Management)

Employee management keeps all data between Company & Employee. It archives all past data & record current data. A complete dossier of an Employee. This module allows you to do:
1. Add Employee
2. Edit/Remove Employee
3. View Profile.
4. Change of Employment & Payroll
5. Activate & Delete
6. Final Settlement


1) Add Employee from Wizard
Go to Employee --> Add Employee -->  from Wizard
Entry Process:
There are four steps to add employee from Wizard.

1st step:
Enter Employee detail on basic information. Type employee name, employment type, date of birth etc. If Auto Generate is activated from configuration then it will generate employee code automatically.

Then fill up Present Information. If present address is same as permanent address then tick on "Same as Present".


After that, add Employee Family information, blood group, Nationality, religion etc. Then fill up the emergency contact address which is a mandaory field.


Provide Employee two references in the fields given in below screenshot. Click on next to proceed


2nd step:
Here you can add bank a/c information for that employee. This information will be used in bank payroll payment. Fill up the Employment date information regarding joining date, probationary period etc. Assign employee branch, department, designation, supervisor etc.

Add Employee performance appraisal form. Assign verifier to employee. Then select attendance policy, payscale, leave policy. Finally entry salary of employee in payroll amount.

3rd step:
In this option you can add employee academic qualification as well as professional qualification & experience. You can add field for those information.

4th step:
This is the final step of Employee Add from Wizard. You can view all the information and can set username & password for that employee. Finally click on save.


From the below screenshot, you can see all the detail information.


Now you can set user name & Password for that employee.

2) Add Single Employee
Go to Employee --> Employee Add --> Single
Entry Process:
In this option you can add Employee. The only difference between previous add wizard is that it requires less information entry. Here you can see only important information of employee required for starting.

Employee List View
Go to Employee --> Employee List
Entry Process:
Below screenshot shows the list of Employee. Various search options are available. You can search through Employee Code, name or sort department wise, designation wise.

3) Single Employee Edit
Go to  Employee List --> Search Employee --> Click on Employee --> Edit -->Save

Entry Process:
We divide employee information into different tabs. Select which information field you want to edit.
In detail tab, you can see and edit basic information, Employment information, Address information etc.

Select tab to edit other information. Now select “qualification” tab to edit education or experience.

Following these steps you can edit other information.

4) Multiple Employee Addition


Go to HRM Add Employee > Multiple 

Employee 1.png


In "Employee List" Input Box write either:

Empoyee-code1<space>Employee-n<wbr/>name,  Empoyee-code2<space>Employee-n<wbr/>name2,  Empoyee-code3<space>Employee-n<wbr/>name3, 





Screenshot is given below:

Employee 2.png


5) Salary Increment Process
Go to Employee --> Manage Employee --> Salary Increment.
Entry Process:
There are two steps in salary increment process.1st step you need to select employee for increment. Click next.

Next step, you need to determine which type of increment is going to apply. Choose either flat amount or percentage. Then set the entry amount. Clicks save to finish.


5) Change of Shift
Go to  Employee --> Manage Employee --> Employee Shift Rotation
Entry Process
Similar to previous process, First you need to select employee and click on next. Then assign those employee shifts. Click Save to finish.