Creating Inventory


1) Add New Inventory:

In order to create an inventory for your business first go to Inventory--> New Inventory 

A window will appear in the application given below:

The following information needs to be filled up for creating an inventory:

Name: Desired Name for the inventory

Opening Date: Date of opening the inventory

With Account: Account or Ledger in which this inventory will be tagged or integrated

Branch: If any branches or for any specific branches of your company you want to create the inventory

Address information: Country, Division, City, Thana, Post Office, Post Code, Section , Road, House


2) Inventory List:

Shows the list of all the inventories that you have created in the application

List includes:

a) Search filter: where you can search any inventory by specific tabs such as searching by type of inventory, branch, Item, Product, Manufacture, Category, Model etc.

b) Shows all the name of inventory with their stock balance

c) Can edit the information related to any inventory by clicking the edit icon on the top right corner of the above pic

d) Can see all the products and its quantity of all items in a particular inventory