E-commerce Integration

E-Commerce Integration with PrismERP represents all the products that are required to sell through online. Basically the online order of customer from the E-commerce website is automatically performed in the ERP application. While the customer register to the site, automatically ERP manages and creates the party through integration.  Even through the Payment Gateway the customer will pay along order which the system automatically generates a receipt voucher. Also for every purchase by the customer, smart notifications can be sent through SMS and email integration. Even after delivery cash provided by the customer, through PrismERP you can create the receipt voucher manually which will automatically give the notification of payment clearance on the e-commerce website.

Basically the medium that has been used to connect the e-commerce website with the ERP application is the API Integration which acts as a Prism Hub. It allows the E-commerce website data synchronization into the ERP system and vice versa, by sharing the client's ID to each other through API. Simultaenously, SMS and Email Integration is connected with the E-commerce platform by which all the notification related to sell and purchase of customer can be notified quickly from the ERP application.

The inventory management of all the products and items in the E-commerce are automatically synchronized into the PrismERP. The stock analysis, quantity and amount of products available in the inventory can be tracked and give accurate data to the website which can be visible in the ERP application as well. Category wise products can be managed through both side. For example amount of 5kg rice available is 20 units in the inventory so it will automatically show in the E-commerce website with the exact amount available and once the customer buy some units automatically it will put impact on the ERP application's inventory as well by reducing the amount.