Creating Items & Products


1) Add items:

After creating an inventory now you want to store out your items. In order to create items first go Inventory > New Item

A window will appear as given below:

To create a new item you need to fulfill the following information stated above in the pic:

a) Name: Name of the item

b) Type: Type of item (i.e. type is inventory product, assemble or group)

c) Description field is provided for writing a brief about the item if you want

d) Feature information includes i) Feature (i.e. whether it is measured as weight, height, volume etc.)  ii) Unit: depends on the choosing of feature


2) List of Items page view: List page shows all the list of items that are created in the application.


From the list page you can

a) Check out or track all the items in your inventory

b)  Can see all the products under an item

c) Can see the name of the product under an item as well as manufacturer.

d) Can edit a particular item description or features by clicking on the icon on the top right corner as shown in the above screenshot

e) Using the search filter can search specific Items

f) Can check out the MRP of individual products in a specific item


3) Add Products:

Inventory--> New Products

After adding an item you need to add products under that item.


Item: item under which the product will be created

Name: Name of the product

Code: Code to recognize the product in the application

HS Code: Standard Code for the product for recognizing

Barcode: Barcode Number of the product if any (optional)

Delivery System: System of delivery the product in inventory whether FIFO or Average

Brand/Manufacturer: Name of the brand of the product (optional)

Model Name: model name of the product if there is any (optional)

Preferred Vendor: Name of the vendor to be preferred for taking or purchasing this product

Purchase price: Price by which the product is purchased

Purchase Discount: Discount in purchase price (optional)

Sale price: Sale price of the product

Sale Discount: Discount if there is any on the sale price

MRP: Maximum Retail price

Feature aslo has the discount provision on that product if you want to

Product Type: type includes whether it's a raw materials, finished goods ,wastage  or an Asset

Product Serial: Serial of the product if there is any ( Note serial can be generated automatically as well as manually)

Default Inventory: choosing the deault inventory for the product


4) List of Product Page view:

Inventory--> List of Products

List of Product page shows all the list of products that are being created.

Search filter: With the help of search filter you can search specific product by searching through Product name, Code, Manufacturer, Model, Item, Type

From the list page you can see the overall details information of the product. As well as you can edit the information and tag a picture and barcode of the product