Export LC Management


Export LC Management comes up with the similar window as of Import LC with some slight changes in the window. The screenshot is given below for better understanding of how to add Export LC

Export LC--> Export LC--> Add Export LC

LC Type: Type of LC whether Local, foreign, EPZ etc.

LC No: LC Number generated for tracking in the system

S/C No:

Supplier: Name of the supplier company

Buyer: Name of the Buyer

Indent Agent: Name of the Indenter or Agent through which Export LC will occur (optional)

Applicant Bank Name: Name of the Bank of the applicant (exporter)

LC Product Type: Type of LC product

LC Tolerance: Percentage amount of Loan value which the bank will provide to the importer

Margin: Marginal Value

Branch: Assigning Branch

Opening, Expiry & Shipment Expiry Date: Providing all the dates in the box

Advising Bank: Bank name of the Importer

Payment Terms: Terms & Condition provided for payment whether in time draft or other ways

Tenor (Days): Tentative days of Shipping Goods

Partial Shipment: Breakdown of Shipment of products (Optional) (Allowed or Not Allowed)

Transhipment: person or agent under which shipment is done (optional)

Currency: Currency under which LC is performing

CNF: Clear & Forwarding Agent


Item information describes the indent filter (Proforma) and selecting the indent & PI number ( Note there is an add option below the number. After providing the number, click on the add button to select the PI number and then it will show the information in the product information window)


Product information window is the place where you will be the name of the product, description , LC Unit, Quantity, Total LC cost