Send Work Order


With PrismERP’s LC management, importer can send new work order to the exporter with product information. Basically Sending work order is done for import LC.




Work order contains following informations


  • Order Number: Generating an order number to the exporter in order to track the work order against the buyer in the system

  • Supplier Name: Name of the Company

  • Buyer Name : Name of the exporter to whom you are sending the work order for importing products

  • Currency: Type of currency under which the work order is performed

  • Entry Date: Date of Entry

  • Order Date: Date of Order

  • Tentative Delivery Date: Expected delivery date of the goods or products









From the list page we can see all the sending worker order list with WO number, order date, amount, branch, currency, created under which user and approved by which user from the system all can be visible easily with better interface in page. You can also check the status of the work order for tracking. Also you can modify or change the status of work order depending on your LC condition (i.e. approved,pending,complete,close)