Commercial management

Commercial [Shipping]


    1. Record Shipping  Mode

    2. Record  Estimated time of Delivery & Arrival

    3. Buying House & Supplier Invoice Management

    4. Courier Details Management  

    5. Billing & Payment Information Management

    6. Record Excess/Short Quantity


  1. Customer: Carried from previous state.

  2. Style Name:Carried from previous state.

  3. Style No:Carried from previous state.

  4. Order No:Carried from previous state.

  5. Order Quantity:Carried from previous state.


  1. Color Wise:Carried from previous state.



  1. Price:Carried from previous state.


  1. Factory:Carried from previous state.

  2. Inspection Date:Carried from previous state.

  3. Ex-Factory Date:Carried from previous state.



  1. LC No. or ETC:Text field to input LC No or  ETC

  2. Lc issue date:Date field for LC Issue date

  3. Lc expiry date:Date field for LC expiry date.

  4. Product or Style Description:Carried from previous state.

  5. HS Code: Text field for HS code.

  6. CAT: A text field for CAT entry.


  1. Master LC Value : Carried from previous state.

  2. Transfer LC Value: Carried from previous state.

  3. Ship Value as Master LC:Carried from previous state.

  4. Ship Value as Supplier LC:Carried from previous state.



  1. Ship Mode:Dropdown field to select ship mode.

  2. ETD: Estimated Time of Departure from bd port

  3. ETD Mother: Estimated Time of Departure of Mother Vessel

  4. ETA:   Estimated Time of Arrival to customers destination port

  5. BL No:  Bill no.

  6. BL Date: Bill Date

  7. Supplier Invoice No: A text field to input supplier’s  invoice number.


  1. Supplier Invoice No: A text field to input supplier’s  invoice number.

  2. MFG Invoice No: Shelf invoice number the buying house.  

  3. Bank Bill No: Bill number of the Bank.

  4. Payment Due Date:when the bill of factory will be paid. This is actually a part of accounts department of the buying house. But commercial department needs the information too.

  5. Payment Received Date: Date field for payment received date.

  6. Commission Received: Text field to input the received commission.




  1. Courier Number  and Dates:These are the commercial document reference no and communication dates which are related to this LC and order.

    1. Factory to Buyer Shipping DOX:

    2. Factory’s Bank to Buyer’s Bank:

    3. RAN to MFG HK:

    4. Factory’s Bank to MFG HK Bank:

    5. MFG Hk to Buyer:

    6. MFG KH  Bank to Buyer’s Bank:

  2. Remarks:

  3. Create Accounts: This button helps to create accounts.From the data of Order and shipment, the commission calculation and payment tracking begins.

  4. Update Accounts:  This button helps to update any change in account.