Production stages of  Garments

Production section

In production section user can register production plan , accessories collection related information,inspection plan, test plan, cutting, printing, embroidery, swing, washing,packaging process.


  1. Customer: Carried from previous state.

  2. Style Name:Carried from previous state.

  3. Style No:Carried from previous state.

  4. Order No:Carried from previous state.

  5. Order Quantity:Carried from previous state.



  1. Color Wise:Carried from previous state.



  1. Price:Carried from previous state.




  1. Merchandiser : Carried from previous state.

  2. Season: Carried from previous state.

  3. Style Description: Carried from previous state.

  4. Size Range: Carried from previous state.

  5. Fabric/Yarn Composition : Carried from previous state.

  6. Fabric/Yarn  Details: Carried from previous state.

  7. Factory: Carried from previous state.


  1. [ Main Fabric/Yarn ] / [ 2nd/Yarn/ Fabric/Lining/Pocketing/ Collar/ Cuff ] /:

    1. Required Quantity: How many pieces required.   

    2. Received Quantity: How many pieces supplied by supplier.This field has real time validation. If the received quantity is less than required quantity the field will become red with yellow background.  

    3. Balance: How many pieces remain to receive from supplier.

    4. Received Date: When the products are received from supplier.



  1. Swing Accessories [ Receive date]: When the swing accessories from the suppliers.

  2. Finishing Accessories [Receive date]:  When   the finishing accessories is received from supplier.



  1. Pre-production Meeting date  :  When merchandiser will  discuss  with factory before starting production.  

  2. Plan of giving final inspection  [Date field] : When final inspection will be performed from QC team.

  3. Production Plan:

    1. Number of line /Machine

    2. Target Qty Per Line

  4. Cutting/knitting Start Date:  Starting date of cutting/knitting.

  5. Cutting/knitting Quantity: Quantity of Cutting/Knitting.

  6. Print Production Quantity: How many product produced from print production.

  7. Embroidery/ Other Production Quantity:How many product produced from embroidery / other production.


  1. Sewing Input Date:When products provided for swing.

  2. Sewing/Knitting Output Quantity: How many product produced after sewing/knitting.

  3. Wash Quantity:How many perfect product  produced after washing.

  4. Finishing/Ironing Qty:How many perfect product  produced after Ironing.

  5. Poly /Packing Pcs:Number of packets after packaging.

  6. Carton Pcs:Number of Cartons after packaging.

  7. Inline:A text field to input the plan.Plan decided by Merchandiser and the Production manager about the setup of Lines in the production area and no of machines / persons to work per line and how much would be the production rate

  8. Pre-final Date: Date field to put pre-final date.Pre-final Date is a pre-planned date given to the factory for the inspections.  



  1. [Production/Gold/Shipment/Black Seal  Sample/]

    1. Target Send Date: Planned sample sending date

    2. Actual Send Date: Actual sample sending date

    3. Comments Received Date: comments received date from buyer on sample

  2. Test: buyer required

    1. Test send date: Date field to input test send date.

    2. Test result: a text field to input test result.

  3. Test: Inhouse

    1. Test date: Date field to input  in house test date.

    2. Test result: A text field to input test result.  



  1. MFG Final date: Date field for Buying House’s self final  inspection date.

  2. Third Party Final Date: Third Party final inspection date.

  3. Final inspection /[Sending communication with buyer]: when inspection is completed, customer is contacted and the final inspection result would be provided at that date.

  4. Green light /[ Date from buyer / forwarder]: If inspection results are all satisfactory, then buyer green signals the shipment. This is the date when the green signal is given by buyer.

  5. Actual shipped quantity: Text field to input actual shipped quantity.

  6. Color-wise [ X-Factory date]: Date field to entry color wise x-factory date.

  7. Order [X-factory date]: Date field to entry final x factory date.





  1. View Pre-production: User can see the pre-production stage of this order.

  2. View Full Production: User can see full production stage.

  3. Create Shipment:If production completed successfully user can transfer the production to the commercial/shipment stage.

  4. Pre Item Shipment Status: Shipment can be partial or full. Which items are shipped is kept by this status.

  5. Shipment Status: Dropdown field to select the status of shipment.

  6. Order Status:Dropdown field to select order status.

  7. Update [Comment/Acc]:User can update any change of previous state.