Sample development


Merchandising department  manage all  Sample Development related information  in this section. A merchandiser input specific sample’s data like Customer Name, Merchandiser's name, Season, Technical file Receive Date, Style name, Style Number, Style Image,Style description , Size Range, Sample Size,Fabric/Yarn Composition,  Fabric/Yarn Details, Factory, Technical File Send Date, Prototype  Send Target Date, Actual Prototype Send Date, Air Waybill No of Actual Prototype Sending, Second Prototype Send Date, Air Waybill No of Second Prototype Sending, Forecasted Order Quantity, Prototype Comments  Received Date, Order Status, Order Cancel or Accept  Reason, Confirmed Order Quantity  to follow up the  sample development process. The explanation of each field is given below step by step:






  1. Customer :- Select customer’s name from dropdown  list.

             NB: User can manage customers from the links , [ Party / Customer Add ] ; & [ Party/ Customer List ].


  1. Merchandiser :  Name of Merchandiser select from dropdown list.










  1. Season:  A text field to input the name of the season.

  2. TF Receive Date: Select the date when merchandiser  received  the technical file from client.

  3. Style Name: Text field to type the name of style.

  4. Style Number:  Text field to input style number , get from technical file.



  1. Uploads: Image upload field to store sample’s image.

  2. Style Description: A text field to type description of style . The style description follow three specific pattern such as a) S - Swing    b) K-Knitting   c) W- Washing

          Example: K - Essentials Thermal long pant.


  1. Size range:  Select size range from from dropdown list.

            NB: User can manage the Size range from the links ;  [ Settings /  Size List ]



  1. Sample size: A text field to input the sample size.

  2. Fabric/Yarn Composition :  A text field field to input Fabric/Yarn composition related information.

  3. Fabric/Yarn Details:   A text field field to input Fabric/Yarn composition related details information.




  1. Factory:  A dropdown field to select the factory name.

           NB: User can manage Factory Name  from [ Party / Vendor add ] & [ Party / Vendor List]



  1. This field can be sub divide with “add sub row” option on right click. Generally Buying house may assign more than 1 factory for preparing sample for the client. This Factories will be added here.It is a text field.





  1. Technical File Send Date: When merchandiser sent technical file to the factory.

  2. Proto Send Target Date: Approximate target date when samples will received from factories. This date always same for all assigned factories. Factory may send sample to the buying house or directly send to the buyer.

  3. Actual Proto Send Date: Exact date when factories actually send the sample.



  1. Airway  Bill No of Actual Proto:   The serial number /token number of courier by which factory send the samples. For further tracking the samples if it not arrived at high time  this token number is helpful.

  2. 2nd Proto Send Date: This prototype also known as “First Fit  Sample” . It is the second sample

  3. Airway  Bill No of 2nd Proto:The courier tracking number of 2nd prototype.

  4. Forecasted order Qty: The Approximate quantity of order from the buyer. Generally  this quantity remain as final order quantity but sometimes it may varies.

  5. Proto Comments Received Date: When the comments is received  from buyer against the sample.

  6. Status: It is a dropdown field contains order status [Is the order is confirmed by buyer or rejected . If rejected , which is the reason]

  7.  Reason: If there  any reason behind the resection it may noted here.




  1. Confirmed Order Quantity:   Final  order quantity  confirmed by the buyer.

  2. Create Per-Production:  In this field an arrow button is appeared to transfer the order into pre-production stage.

         NB: One order may created/placed several times according to buyer’s request. How many times a specific order has created it indicates by the | “created 0 or created 1  or created 2”.