Billet Consumption


Billet Consumption Material refers to the process of gathering and mixed out of all raw materials in a house chamber to bring it in a shape of aluminum, this process of consuming all the raw materials together for making a shape of aluminium is known as Billet Consumption.

1) Add Billet Consumption:

MRP--> Billet Section--> Consumption

In the addition billet window first and foremost choosing the branch from which consumption addition is being generating.

Charge: Refers to specific machine or any instrumental thing related to your company for production.

Choosing the Inventory from where raw materials will be taken for consumption for making aluminium

Delivery Date: Date of delivering the aluminium making

Entry Date: Date of Entry of Billet Consumption

Operator: Name of the operator who is in charge of this consumption billet management

Item information: Where you will assign the name of the products (raw materials), choosing the category, will show the current stock available of that product, and the quantity you need for the consumption for the production of aluminium.

2) Approval Layer of Billet Consumption:

From the above screenshot you can see after generating the Billet Consumption of Raw materials you can see in the production delivery list that a billet is generated as number BIC-XXX but on the other hand a yellow exclamation sign has been shown which indicates that although the Billet has been generated for production but the delivery is not done yet to the inventory, it is in pending state. So from that page if you want to proceed you need to click on the accept button as shown on the end of the screenshot. You can also make edit or modification or even change the status of a particular billet consumption.

3) General view of a specific billet consumption number: Select a particular BIC-xxx from the production delivery list page. It shows the general view as well as accountant view of a specific billet number. Also you can assign serial of that billet from that page.