Finish Consumption


Finishing Consumption is the final part or step of the raw materials consuming after the Mill finishing product.

MRP--> Finishing Section--> Finishing Consumption


Branch:Assigning the Branch from where the Finishing Consumption is generating

Section: Number of the section or group wise the finishing production consumption will be going for

Shift: Level of Shift

Operator: Name of the operator who is in charge of the consumption

Inventory: Selecting the Inventory from where the raw materials

Delivery Date: Date of delivery the raw materials

Entry Date: date of entry

Item information: Providing the item information, name of the product(raw material)  which which was created while in Mill finishing production , Number of Quanity needed of that product.


Approval Layer after Generating the Final Consumption Material:

Without any approval layer the final consumption material addition will not go for further process. The final production consumption generates as a number FPC-xxx. you need to accept in order to approve the consumption.