Finish Production and Delivery


MRP > Finish Section > Finish Production

After accepting the Finishing production consumption then the final step procedure is to do the finish production and the delivery of that product so that the final Aluminium steel comes out as a final product.

Branch: Choosing the branch

Inventory: Selecting the Inventory where the production good will stock in

Consumption Voucher: Selecting the Finishing Product Consumption number

Press: Automatically generates while selecting the consumption voucher

Shift: Automatically generates with the Consumption voucher assigning

Operator: Name of the Operator who is in charge

Start time: Date of Starting the production process

End Time: End Time of getting the product ready

Delivery Date: Date of delivering the product

Receive Date: Date of Receiving the product

Product Information: Selecting which product to be created along with all the measurement which you select the weight,quantity and other options.

After finishing the required field fill up then save for further proceed

Approval Layer page for the Final Production Delivery:

For final step approval you need to accept the Final production delivery number that has been generated as it is showing in pending state by looking at the exclamation sign.