Materials or Products management


Material Resource planning (MRP) gives actual information of all available raw materials and products that are required for production.

MRP ensures that inventory levels are maintained at its minimum levels. But also ensures that material and product are available whenever production is scheduled, therefore, helping in matching demand and supply.

MRP provides information of production planning and scheduling but also provides information around dispatch and stocking.

MRP for Aluminium production requires 3 step production process which will be explained in the other feature segments.

In order to start any aluminium production process in MRP module. First and foremost comes the addition of new products in the inventory. Creating an inventory and adding new products that are required or associated with  Aluminium production.


Addition of New Product or Material in an inventory:

Adding up all the product, materials that are associated with Aluminium production at first.

In order to do first go to: Inventory--> New Products

Process is similar to as mentioned in the inventory control of creating a new product where you need to fill up some following information about the product. (Note that for aluminium production process measurements fields and product type field options of each product is very important and kind of mandatory as that measurement will be required while going for further steps of production).