Mill Finish Consumption


1) Mill Finish Consumption: After finishing for the billet consumption as well as production of aluminium then it will proceed for mill finishing production.First you need to go for the mill finish material consumption generation.

MRP--> Mill Finish--> Consumption

From the above screenshot:

Branch: First choosing the branch

Press: It is a very important aspect for aluminium production. Press refers to the aspect element or you can say a machine which is used in the factory to cut down the large aluminium trunk bar which was created in billet production into pieces. So the Press is referred here as the machine where you will assign either by machine name or machine number depending on how you use it.

Shift: Shift level

Operator: Name of the operator who is in charge

Inventory: Choosing the inventory from where the raw material is selected

Delivery Date: Date of delivery

Entry Date: Date of Entry

Items: information related to the raw materials or product which is selected for mill finishing,choosing the quantity depending on stock and it will show the weight of that quantity too

Description field: Optional field if it is required

2) Approval Layer for Mill Finishing Consumption: Similar like other process approval is needed in order to further process of mill finishing consumption. Also you can do edit or modification or changes to any Mill Finishing Consumption which is termed as MFC-XXX