Mill Finish Production


After adding the materials for Mill finishing Consumption then comes the final step of Mill Finish production with delivery. For that first go to

MRP--> Mill Finish Section--> Mill Finish Production

Branch: Assign the Branch

Inventory: Choosing the inventory

Consumption Voucher: Choosing the desire Mill Finishing Consumption number on which mill finish production will be created

Start Time: Start time for production

End Time: End time for production

Delivery Date: Date of delivering the finishing product

Entry Date: Date of Entry

Item Information: Fill up the requirements of category that is for production, Name of the Product which will be produced for Mill Finish, Shaft Cutting Pieces defines the number of pieces to be created i.e. the quantity, Unit, Length etc and many more depending on how you want the production to be done.

After completing fill up the fields then click on save for further process.


Approval Layer of Mill Finishing Production Delivery:

Similar process like others approving into accept will then proceed for the production delivery to the inventory. Currently it shows exclamation sign which indicates it is in pending state.