Production Reports Dynamic/Non-dynamic


1) Production Report (Dynamic): Shows all the step report list in dynamic view from the application.

This is the dynamic view where you can see all the three steps of aluminium production in details of what has been consumed, used for production and wastage. Everything is shown in details of all the quantity, amount used for overall process.

2) Non Dynamic View:

a) Billet Production:

Print-->Aluminium Production--> MRP--> Billet Production

From the Print section selecting the aluminium production and then click on Billet for showing the non dynamic individual report of Billet consume and production step


Reporting can also be shown from a specific date range by assigning the to and from date from the print setting format

b) Mill Finish:

Print--> Aluminium Production--> MRP--> Daily Production (Mill Finish)

Shows all the details of the Mill Finishing Production in the report as well as elaborating all the accurate data in the reporting.

3) Final Production:

Shows all the category and item of final production with their details

Print--> Aluminium Production--> MRP--> Daily Production (Finish)