Material Requirements



Material Requirements feature is basically provided in the application to provide an estimate amounts of raw materials requried for the production process of goods. In this feature you will provide all the raw materials along with their quantity and unit of measurements as an estimate required for the whole production process.

Note: If the production process is for the merchandiser or buying house then 3 factors plays here: 1) Time and Action   2) Quality Control    3) Cost


After estimating the material requirements then on that head of estimation you will go for product requisition of those products from the inventory for the approval of production.


Product requisition will be generated in similar process as mentioned in the procurement solution.


Generally Material Requirements estimation can be provided from a particular RWO-xxx (Receive Work order). From the Receive Work order list click on a specific RWO-xxx and then click on the add material requirement. The screenshot is shown below for understanding






After going to the Raw Material Requirements window follow the process of filling up the requirement fields and then click on save to generate the raw materials requirement for the particular receive work order.