Sample Order

Sample order is the next step for developing the samples for the vendor of that specific style from the factory. In order to create a sample order from the application, the following procedure is given below:

1) Add Sample Order:
In the sample order process you need to fill up the following information stated in the screenshot below:


i) Name of the client and its contact details

ii) Order Date, Due Date Order number ( Note that as mentioned earlier while explaining concept that TNA plays a greater role for managing the time and calendar for the date order) It helps to track and monitor strictly from application

iii) Adding the style required for the sample product development

iv) Name of the product that needs to be develop as a sample to the party ( Note that the products are already created under inventory so that you can select, select the quantity)

v) Payment process and information of the charges for developing the sample order by which client is going to pay


2) Sample order List:
After generating the sample order, all the sample orders can be shown and viewed in the order list. Sample orders are generated as SR-xxx

From the list you can check out the sample order status and detailed information for analysis and monitoring.