Style Required before sample development


1) Add Style
(Note that this style is provided in the MRP system if a vendor requires a sample of pariticular units or pieces before giving work order.It provides all the items required for the design of sample)

MRP--> Style--> Add Style

Addition of style, design or embroidary work in dress or any kind of sample's design is manageable from the MRP style feature


2) Style List Page View:

MRP--> Style--> Style List

In the list, it will show all the styles that are being created in the application. Left side views all the style name and on the right side shows the detail information of a specific styles selected. From the left side of the window you can select a style and can activate or deactivate a specific style.

(i) You can also add duplicate style from a specific style number

(ii) You can add raw materials which will be used for the production as well as product section style can be added