Confguration in PrismERP system for PrismPOS


In order to configure the POS settings from PrismERP  first go to  ( Settings--> Configuration)



1) After visiting the configuration page, First step is to click on the " User security" and then enable Authentication API (Selecting True option).
(Note that without 2 Factor  Authentication, you will not be able to login to PrismERP system. This is done for security purpose).

Click on "Save" button to complete API Authentication True for User security.





2) Second step is the POS settings configuration in PrismERP

Now on that same configuration page click on the "POS" on the left tab as shown above and then the POS settings page will appear.



From the POS settings page make "True" of search POS reference number as shown above and then click on " Save" to complete the action.




3) Creating New Company Branch from the Settings

(Settings-->Company-->New Branch )



Fill out the all mandatory & necessary field with information that are required to for creating a branch and then click "Save" button to complete Branch creation.



4) Creating New Cash Account from the Settings

Settings-->Accounting-->New cash account


Fill up the necessary information in the mandatory fields and then click on "Save" to complete creating new cash account



5) Adding POS Terminal from POS settings

Creating a POS terminal for PrismPOS is a must. 

Settings-->POS-->Add POS terminal



Fill up all the necessary information in mandatory field and click " Save ' to complete the addition of POS terminal

6) Creating a New User in the system for PrismPOS

Settings--> User---> New User


Choose the type of user which is important for your business to take control of the PrismPOS.


7) Defining User Role from the Settings

Settings-->User--> User Role



Fill out all the necessary information required to complete the action by clicking " Save" and after that selecting those modules that you want to give access to the user (part of user role)




And now select the role info and click on Save to complete the action. Screenshot is given below for "Role info"




8) Creating User group from Settings



Settings--> User-->User Groups -->from the right of the window click plus button




You have to assign those modules and select them in groups like cashbook, inventory, product, sale order, voucher, sales promotion and POS application.  Select the modules which you want for the User groups and click save to complete the action

9) For Cashbook Module:



10) For Sales promotion Module:




10) Final Step: Creating application from the " Settings " for PrismPOS Registration

Settings-->User-->Authentication API-->New Application


Fill up all the mandatory required fields marked as red in order and click " Save " to complete the process or else you will not be able to log into PrismERP.  After the input of application, the Client ID and Client Secret will be generated automatically