Inventory Checking or Tracking



With PrismERP mobile application, you can only check the inventory stock and see the availability of stock with details.



From the inventory menu, you can check out only the inventory list of product. You cannot add any new product or inventory from the application.



From the list, you can checkout the items and products of all inventories of your business.It will show the specific list of products and items under that inventory list. The screenshot is shown below:



In a particular inventory, you can see the names of the item, product, quantity and its mrp (price). The view type can be selected in both ways as shown above. Also by clicking on the stock available of a particular item or product, you can get to see how many stock of specific product is available in different inventories (if you have multiple inventories). The screenshot is given below for further details:



As you can see the window shows all the stock status in different inventory of a particular product after clicking on the “Stock Available"