Cheque Management


1. Cheque Receipt (Cheque --> Cheque Receipt)




From the android application you can also create a cheque receipt. After clicking the cheque receipt, a window will appear as shown above.

Received Date: Date of receiving the cheque from client
Branch: From which branch the cheque is being received
Voucher Account: Selecting the bank account for voucher
Cheque in Hand: Cheque collected by the employee but not issued to bank

Not that there is another option called “Add Cheque” with that you can add a new cheque which is shown below:




After clicking on the add cheque, you need to fill up the requirement fields as shown above.

Party: Party from whom the cheque is being received
Customer Bank: Bank of the customer from where the cheque is being given
Collection Person: Selecting the person who is collecting the cheque
Cheque Date: Date of Cheque provided
Cheque Number: Number of the cheque 
Cheque Amount: Amount to be received in cheque
Bank Branch: Branch of the bank where the cheque will be deposited
Money Receipt No: providing money receipt number against that cheque
Description: comments or notes If any related to this cheque. 

Click on Save to complete the process.


9.b Cheque Receipt List:
After completing all the cheque receipt process, you can check out all the receipts in cheque receipt list.




From the list you can see all the receipt with code number and you can see the status of cheque as well whether “Cleared” or “On Hand”. 
Also by clicking on a particular cheque receipt, you can see more details. A window will appear as shown below: