Claim Management


1. Claim Status: With PrismERP mobile application, you can even find out the claim status of customer for a product warranty or servicing.



Serial No: Entering the serial number of the product or service
Claim No: Entering the claim number that has been generated for the product or service

After providing the number click on the “Search” to find out the claim status of particular product or service.


2. Add Sales Claim (Claim--> Add Sales Claim)



For adding a sales claim, at first you need to search for sales through serial number or through search category, as well as providing the date range. Click on search to go further.


3. Checking Claim List (Claim --> Claim List)




From the claim list, you can see all the claims with numbers as well as you can check out their status too whether received, transferred, solved etc. 

Also you can click on a specific claim and see more details. A window will appear as shown below after clicking specific claim.




From the specific claim, you can see more elaborate way of the status and information. Here you can see the claim name with number, product serial, status of the claim and the condition whether deliverable or returned etc.

Product Name: Name of the product against which claim is being generated
Problem: Mentioning the problems for service
Branch: Branch at which the claim of the service is generated
Claim Date: Date of Claim
Notification Date: Date of notifying the status of claim
Delivery Date: Date of delivering the service (if to mention)
Order No: Service against particular sale order (if any)