Customer Relationship Management

PrismERP mobile application allows you to manage little portion of CRM such as adding an organization and activity through mobile. This is especially for salesperson who are outside or visiting different client house.

1. Add Organization: (CRM --> Add Organization)




For adding an organization, the requirement fields needs to be filled up as shown in the above window.

Name: Name of the organization
Print as: Printing Name
Lead Generate: Lead generated by which employee
Assign To: Assign to which salesperson or employee
Company Rating: providing ranks of company
Information Source: source from where the organization is found (call, message,direct visit, website etc.)
Project: Name of the project
Branch: Branch from which it has been assigned

Company Information:
Founded: Date of company founded
Reg No: Registration number 
Category: Company Category
Business Type: Type of Business

Company Contact Information:
Phone, Mobile, Email, Website, Address

After filling up all the information, click on the tick icon to complete adding an organization.


2. Add Activity:



From the PrismERP mobile application, you can also add particular organizational activity by an employee.

Activity Type: Type of activity whether call, meeting, demonstration, B2B, email etc.
Subject: Subject for the activity for what purpose
Party Name: Name of the Party
Party Type: Type whether organization, customer or buyer
Contact Person: Name of the person to contact
Branch: Branch assigned
Status: Status of the activity whether planned, held, postponed etc.
Assigned To: Selecting the assigned person/employee
Issue: For what issue activity is going to be held
Issue type: For what type of issue whether campaign, source, opportunity, service etc.
Location: Set location of activity

Additional Information:
Activity Date: Date of the activity 
Start Time: Start time of the activity
End Time: End time of the activity
Duration: Time duration of the activity
Next Activity: Choosing the next activity type whether call meeting etc.
Description: If any or providing any status of the activity


3. Activity List:



From the activity list, you can see all the activities with their status as shown above screenshot. 

Also from the list you can click on specific activity to see elaborate details of the activity profile as shown below two screenshots: