Dashboard & Menu


1. Home Screen/ Dashboard

After login to the application portal then a dashboard of the application will appear as shown below:




In the dashboard, the application will show the business summary or status for example no. of work orders in the last 7 days, Vouchers in last 7 days, no of sales orders in the last 7 days, and the user photo and name of the person logged into the application.

The top right corner icon shows all the menu available in PrismERP android application and login information.


2. Menu & Sub Menu of the Application:



                                                                          Figure 3a                                                                           Figure 3b


From the menu you will see all the modules available to manage from the mobile application (shown in Figure 3a)


Also beside each module you will see “ + ” icon and by clicking on that there will be a drop down menu or sub menu of the module (shown in Figure 3b example: see Customer menu)