Human Resource Management


Small portion of PrismERP's Human Resource Management can be operated with the PrismERP mobile application.

1. Leave Application: (HRM --> Leave Application)




With PrismERP mobile application, a small portion of HR can be managed through the mobile application.You can apply for employee leave as well.

From the above screenshot, after clicking the leave application, you can see at first the leave details with balance.

Apply New Leave
Application Type: Type whether half day full day leave etc.
Leave Type: Type whether sick, casual etc.
Application Date: Date of applying leave
Emergency: If emergency click on tick
From & To: Date range of leave or number of days of leave
Additional details-Comment: Statement or description provided for the leave (optional)


2. Checking Leave List:


From the leave list, you can see all the leave that you have applied as well as the status whether accepted or not. The green tick represents the leave that are being accepted


3. Location Post:



From the mobile application, you can post your location from wherever you are so that your company or management can get to know about your status.after clicking on the location post the map will automatically track your location place along with date and time.

There are also some optional fields which you can fill out

Location Name: Name of the place or office etc.
Comments: Adding any comments such as for what purpose you are in that location etc.


4. Attendance Post (HRM--> Attendance Post)
Employee can also post attendance from any place via PrismERP mobile application. In order to do that click on the attendance post of HRM menu.