Work Order Management


1. Create New Work Order (Work Order--> New Work Order)



After clicking on “ New Work Order ”  a window will appear as shown above. This work order is basically the receive work order which you can generate from anywhere or anyplace through the application. The following field description are given below:

Order No: Number of the order
Branch: From which branch the salesperson/user is creating the work order
Order Date: Date of the order
Delivery Date: Date of delivering the order
Buyer: Name of the Buyer (After selecing the buyer, it will show the buyer’s balance and credit limit)
Supplier: Name of the supplier
Sales Person: Name of the salesperson who generated the work order
Products: Name of products which are ordered with price and quantity and balance in BDT

After completing field information, click on the tick icon to create a work order in pending state.


2. Checking Work Order List (Work Order --> Work Order List)



From the above window of work order list, you can see all the receive work orders (RWO-XXX) with their order number that are created and the status whether approved or pending state. (Note that the approval layer is not applicable in Android application for everyone. If permission is given to specific user he or she can accept or give approval of the work order to complete the action)

From the list, you can also travel through specific receive work orders and check the basic details as shown below in Figure 2b and the overall items quantity with price as shown in Figure 2c



                                                                Figure 2b                                                                                     Figure 2c