Voucher Management


In PrismERP mobile application, some functionalities of voucher management can be easily operated.


1. Receipt for Sale Order (Voucher --> Receipt for SO)

From the android application, you can create a receipt for particular sale order from anywhere around the corner. The below screenshots are shown for the window of the process.




Voucher information field:
Date: Date of the sale order receipt processing
Branch: From which branch the receipt has been processed
Amount: Amount to be paid for the sale order
Payment Method: Method of payment whether cash, cheque, credit etc.
Reference Voucher: Tagging any reference voucher 
Party Type: Customer
Receipt Book: Number of the Receipt book
Receipt Leaf: Leaf number (Page number of Receipt Book)
Customer: Choosing the Customer
Project: Choosing the project if the receipt is tagged under any business project
Address: Customer address
Description: If any statement you want to add for the receipt of SO

Add Attachment: you can also attach any kind of document with the receipt voucher

You can also tag particular Sale order with the receipt as shown in the third screenshot above.


2. Checking Voucher List: (Voucher --> Voucher List)



From the voucher list, you can check out and keep track of all the vouchers that are generated and their status whether accepted, pending or rejected as shown in the above screenshots.

As you can see, the “!” icon states that your voucher is still in pending state, tick states that your voucher has been completed. And cross icon determines that the voucher has been rejected. Also from the list you can go through specific vouchers by clicking onto it. The screenshot is shown below after going to specific voucher.





From the specific voucher, you can see the status of the voucher, the basic information where the voucher type, party, date, amount and payment method details are given. The item tab is included in the voucher where there will be information of product quantity and total price.