Purchase Request


1) Add Purchase Request:

Purchase request basically offering or asking for a purchase request of a specific product to the logistic department of a company. From the application the request procedure can be performed instantly and easily.

Acquisition--> Purchase Request--> Purchase Request Add


The above window shows all the information field that are required to fill up in order to process the purchase request from the application.

Date: Date of generating the purchase request add from the application

Branch: Branch specifies that if a company has more than one branch than from which branch the request has been applied for purchase request ( Note if there is no branch of a company the field will be kept as blank)

Department: Which department of the company has applied for the purchase request

Type: Request for what type is it for the inventory or for an asset

Level: Level of priority whether it is immediate or gradual

Expected date: Presume Date of getting the requested purchase product

Product Information field is the place where you will fill up the request information, i.e. Item name, Product Name, Quanity number


2) Purchase Request List:

Acquisition--> Purchase Request--> Purchase Request List

Purchase request list shows all the request that has been made for purchasing from the application. This helps for better tracking to a company. From the list page, user can see all the detail information of all the Purchase request number that are generated as PUR-xxxx. List also shows the date, request type, instruction, department, branch, Request Level, Status. from the list page user can also make edit or modification of a particular PUR number. The list pic is shown below as to how it will appear in the application.