How to Perform Purchase order?


1) New Purchase Order:

Order--> Add Purchase Order



1) Party: Selecting the Vendor from whom your purchasing

2) Order Date: Date of Ordering the Purchase

3) Delivery Date: Date of delivering the product

4) Inventory: Selecting the inventory where the purchase product will get stock

5) Contact/Email: Providing the contact and email information of the Party

6) Branch: Selecting the Assigned Branch of making Purchase order

7) Product Information: Name of the product purchasing, quantity amount, unit price and total price all are provided

8) Payment Date: Assigning the Payment date for the purchase order

9) Account Information: It will be accounts payable accounts since you are liable to the vendor for making the payment of purchased product


After providing all the information in the requirement field and clicking on save, a following window will appear as shown below:


As you can see the purchase orders are generated as PO-xxx as well as in pending state changed into start progress or complete stage depending on the option choice. As well as you can edit or modify specific PO from the list.


2) Purchase Order Report:

From a particular purchase order number you can see the order report by clicking on the report section button from the specific purchase order profile page

As you can see from the above screen marked on the green labelled box "Report" By clicking that and then select the purchase order for the report of that specific PO and then a window will appear of reporting format visible shown below:



Similar like sale order reporting format selecting the pattern and then the report will be generated as shown below:


Preview format:


Printing Format: