Quotation Develop


To create and process or display sales quotations, receive quotations and comparing quotations, PrismERP’s quotation module is important for wholesalers and distributors.



1) New Receive Quotation:


Acquisition--> Quotation--> New Receive Quotation



After doing the purchase, The next step is the quotation receving for specific purchase request number. The above window is the process of creating a new receive quotation.


Date: Date of New receive Quotation generation

Vendor: Name of the Vendor from whom the product will be purchased

Name: Name of the person of the vendor

Address: Address of the company

Type: Type that will be used for whether inventory or Asset

Request No: Number against which purchase number is the receive quotation is occuring

Product information represent name of the item, product name, quantity ,unit price and total price.

Description field talks about the product or any other description related to quotation



2) Receive Quotation List:


Acquisition--> Quotation--> Receive Quotation





From the list, you can see and view all the quotation that has been generated. You can also edit or make modification and change the status of a particular quotation whether viewed, pending, or closed.


3) Compare Quotation: